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Film Festival

Montage: A Celebration of Moving Pictures

IU’s Annual Student Film Fest

April 18, 2020
7pm IU Cinema

We are excited to announce the dates for the 2nd Annual Montage Alumni and Student Showcase! It will be held this Saturday, April 18, from 10am-6:15pm in the Franklin Hall Commons.

Stop by the Commons to see a showcase of films from undergraduate and graduate students, as well as alumni! There is no admission charge for this event, and it is unticketed. For a full schedule of films shown at our first annual, 2019 Commons event, click here!

Immediately following the screening, head over to the IU Cinema for the 2020 Montage Film Fest. As a reminder, the IU Cinema event is free, but you do need a ticket. Tickets will be available early 2020 via the IU Cinema Box Office.

As for our first event, 12 films were selected to screen at the IU Cinema for the 2019 Montage Film Fest!

We received lots of great work this year, many thanks to all the incredible student filmmakers on creating amazing films. All films submitted will be included in the 2019 Montage Film Festival page and archived for future reference. The program at IU Cinema was judged by people at various schools and both undergraduate and graduate students. The programmed films were not only chosen for their quality, but also for their ability to fit well into a varied, 90-minute, program that displays the diversity of filmmaking styles that come out of the Media School. For this reason, some films are nominated for awards, but aren’t part of the program that will be screened on the night of the festival. Again, a page for the 2019 Montage Film Festival will be created to celebrate all filmmakers and films submitted.

Award winners will be announced the night of the festival. Make sure you get your tickets to celebrate a great year of films by students at IU and find out who will take home this year’s big awards! Tickets available via the IU Cinema Box Office.

Films screening at IU Cinema:

Starlite Gazing
How to Cut Fruit
Get to the Polls
The Death of Venus
Handcrafted in Brown County
Ignorance is Bliss, Chris

Awards Finalists:

Best Scripted Film
The Death of Venus

Best Non-Scripted Film
How to Cut Fruit
Starlite Gazing
Late in the Race
Veganize Me

Best Director
Shift – Kasey Poracky
The Death of Venus – Sabra Binder
Laya – Nandhini Giri
Coil – Jeremy Tatara
Lucidious – Matt Jacobs, Khyler Runnels

Best Cinematography
Shift – Andrew Torbensen
The Death of Venus – Andrew Torbensen
Shibboleth  – Jaeson Jackson
Completed Years – Bryce Reif
Sanctuary – Brenden Spangler

Best Editing
Shift – Kasey Poracky
Coil – Jeremy Tatara
Shibboleth – Claire Soisson
How to Cut Fruit – Salena Tatiana Mathews
A Sunny Place – Jeremy Tatara

Best Lead Performance
Coil – Rebecca Dwoskin
The Quiet With Him – Emma Suzanne Hamilton
A Sunny Place – Helena Duarte
Toxic – Evan Carnes
Undiagnosed – Sasha-Leigh Jeffries

Best Supporting Performance
Get to the Polls – Nathan Kohlmeier
A Sunny Place – Tom Dunphy
Apple of My Eye – Christopher Plonka
Lucidious – Kaleigh Howland
American Whore Story – Brynn Jones

Best Score/Composition
Laya – Cole Swany
Emily Waits – Ryn Jorgensen
Adam and Evan – David Deutsch
The Offbeat – Minho Kang

Best Screenplay
Coil – Jeremy Tatara
Timesphere – Andre Seewood
A Handmade Home – David Williams
Be That I Am – Mitchell Kois
Toxic – Bradley Kohlmeier

The festival is hosted by The Media School; IU Cinema; the Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance; the Jacobs School of Music; and the School of Art, Architecture, and Design.