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The Cinema Academy exposes students to the cinema industry’s many possibilities through hands-on projects, interactions with Media School professors and discussions with professionals in the film business.

We connect students to the cinema industry, starting in high school and into postgraduation. We share industry knowledge, provide extracurricular opportunities, supplement artistic and technical skills, and connect students to alumni and industry professionals.

Precollege programs

We are excited to offer two summer programs for aspiring filmmakers. High schoolers can test out film school at IU through our in-person, on-campus Digital Cinema Academy, or during our virtual five-day summer program, Screenwriting Academy. Learn from Hollywood superstars and college professors. Collaborate with peers, make new friends, and simply geek out about movies during these intensive experiences.

Expert workshops

Our expert workshops connect IU students to professionals in the TV and film industry.

Film festival

We showcase the top student-produced films at an annual film festival at IU Cinema each spring.

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