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Montage 2020 (archived)

Montage: A Celebration of Moving Pictures: Virtual Ceremony!

IU’s Annual Student Film Fest

April 30, 2020
7pm Online via Zoom

We are excited to announce that the 2nd Annual Montage Film Fest is still occurring! It will be held online on Thursday, April 30, at 7pm via Zoom.

For information on the ceremony, including details on the 13 films chosen for the program, go here.

Watch the submitted films here!

Nominations for the 2nd Annual Montage Film Festival:

Best Score/Composition

StalkHer – Score: Isaak Liu, Original Song: Kayla Behforouz

Growing Pains – Score: jpog

Graduation – Music Supervisor: Alexander Myers

Best Sound Design


Requiem Aeternam

Growing Pains

5000 Acres

Best Cinematography



Best Editing

Women’s Work – Kendall Hughes

Pro – Eden Ma

Graduation – Layn Pieratt

Best Acting or Performance

Serenity  – Catie Cobel

The Journey Home – Brynn Jones

Green Light  – Kenysha Davis

Best Director

Superlike! – Rena Johnson

StalkHer – Caleb Allison

Morning Sun – Caitlin Noppenberger

Hardhats – Matt Lutz

Best Fiction Film

Superlike! – Rena Johnson

StalkHer – Caleb Allison, Patrick Dieterlen

Morning Sun – Caitlin Noppenberger, Spencer Bowman

Best Non-Fiction Film

Women’s Work – Producer: Kendall Hughes

Hardhats – Producer/Director: Matt Lutz

Growing Pains – Writers: Rena Johnson and Faith Geiger

5000 Acres – Producer/Director: Bryce Reif

Additionally, the following 13 films will be screened at the festival and eligible for the Best in Show award (decided by judges ahead of time), and the Audience Choice award (decided tomorrow night by audience members in the Zoom presentation).

Growing Pains


Women’s Work

Requiem Aeternam

High School Sweethearts

5000 Acres

Relentless Service



Come into the Garden, Maud

Morning Sun


Here is a highlight reel of some of the 2019 Montage Finalists.

We receive lots of great work every year, many thanks to all the incredible student filmmakers on creating amazing films. All films submitted will be included in the 2020 Montage Film Festival page and archived for future reference. The program at IU Cinema was judged by people at various schools and both undergraduate and graduate students. The programmed films are not only chosen for their quality, but also for their ability to fit well into a varied, 90-minute, program that displays the diversity of filmmaking styles that come out of Indiana University. For this reason, some films are nominated for awards, but aren’t part of the program that will be screened on the night of the festival. Again, a page for the 2020 Montage Film Festival will be created to celebrate all filmmakers and films submitted.

Award winners will be announced the night of the festival.

The festival is hosted by The Media School; IU Cinema; the Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance; the Jacobs School of Music; and the School of Art, Architecture, and Design.