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Montage 2020 Submissions

We had an absolutely amazing group of films submitted to this year’s festival! We were thrilled to still be able to host the ceremony, and we hope that you enjoyed the opportunity to see a showcase of student cinema.

Last year, before the main event at the IU Cinema, we screened every submitted film at the Franklin Hall Commons. In lieu of that option this year, we have listed the submissions below that didn’t screen at the main program. That way everyone can still have the chance to view each others’ projects and share their accomplishments with each other.

Congratulations again to everyone who submitted work! We hope to see you again next year, back at the IU Cinema!

5000 Acres
Relentless Service
Women’s Work
Come into the Garden, Maud
Morning Sun
Growing Pains
High School Sweethearts
Requiem Aeternam

The Table Read
Now and Then
Iron Sharpens Iron
The Journey Home
Midnight in the Park
Ungrateful Son
Empty Nester
The Final Inning, The Final Album
The Europo
Dirty Rat Bastard
The Forge Reclamation
Death’s Door
Bleep the Balloon
Out of Mind
Not Too Late
Strawberry Fields
As He Walked Away
A Glass of Oatmilk
Mirror in the Valley
Tender Storms
The Cleanup
Memories of Yesterday
Don’t Smell the Monster
Band Names DMV
Come Home
The Stay
Green Light
The Final Act