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Montage Technical Specs

How to submit to Montage: Celebration of Moving Pictures – Technical Specifications

We are extremely excited you are interested in submitting your work to the Montage!

IU Cinema can accept most formats and content types. There are a WIDE variety of ways to export your film to submit to Montage. We want to enable anyone to be able to participate regardless of technical know-how, so here are some simple guidelines:

Please submit your video at 1920 x 1080. (If your video is smaller than 1920 x 1080, natively, then contact Craig at email stated below)

Your audio levels should generally hover around -20db with peaks not exceeding -10db. This can be verified by watching audio meters in your editing software.

You can verify the next four guidelines by watching your film in its entirety in VLC Media Player (free software available for download).

1. Your film must remain in sync (picture and sound) through its entirety

2. No bars, tone, slate or slug

3. There should be no unexpected loss or corruption of picture and sound

4. If your submission plays successfully with picture and sound in VLC Media Player it can be accepted as a submission.

As you prepare for submission by viewing your entire film in VLC Media Player we recommend:

1. Wear headphones, and pay close attention to all the details.

2. Does it look and sound like you want it to?

3. Are the colors correct?

4. Is the sound too loud and distorted or is it just right?

5. Are there any times where picture or sound cuts out unexpectedly?

This process allows you to sign off on how your film will appear at IU Cinema.

Remember, on the big screen little mistakes are even more visible than on your computer so carefully preview your film!

If you want to go the extra mile and be sure your film looks and sounds the absolute best, please contact Craig Erpelding ( and he can provide more detailed specifications.

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing your submission soon!