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Student Cinema Guild

Mission Statement:

Student Cinema Guild is an organization where all IU students can collaborate to produce and enjoy film, and gain the experience and preparation they need to work in the entertainment industry. Students write, direct, produce and showcase their films and work together to learn and grow as media creators. SCG provides the support, equipment, monthly workshops and networking sessions for members.


Alyssa Woolard
Senior, President,
Hi everyone! I’m Alyssa, and I’ll be the SCG President for this year. My focus is Narrative Filmmaking and Creative Industry Management, with aspirations of becoming a producer. Outside of Student Cinema Guild, I’m involved with Theta Nu Xi, the Multicultural Greek Council, and Kelley Learning Media. Going into my third year as an officer of this club, I hope to bring my past expertise and merge them with this team’s new ideas!

Samantha Gee
Senior, Secretary, 

My name is Samantha Gee and I’m a senior here at IU. I study Cinema Arts and Media Production, with a focus on narrative filmmaking. I’m also pursuing a minor in creative writing! Though my goal has always been to hone my skills in storytelling, I’ve discovered interests in cognitive science, Jewish history and figurative pottery through my time at IU. This year, I hope I am able to foster even more creatively educational experiences as the Student Cinema Guild’s secretary!

Max Weger
Senior, Treasurer, 

I’m a senior at the Kelley School of Business majoring in Finance and Supply Chain Management. I’ve been involved in the Cinema Guild for 2 years, this year proudly serving as Treasurer of the club. I worked for the Learning Media team for 3 years in Kelley, and have been working with video for an additional 2. I am excited to help in the production this year!

Madelyn Knight
Sophomore, Publicity, 

My name is Madelyn Knight, and I’m a 19 year old sophomore from Indianapolis. I’m studying Narrative Filmmaking and Screenwriting. Since being at IU, I’ve gotten involved in a lot of clubs such as Student Cinema Guild, Yes Theory, and Season Magazine. In my free time, I like to read, write, and do photography.

Sam Wichhart
Sophomore, Equipment Manager,

Hello! My name is Sam Wichhart, I’m a sophomore at IU and an Advertising major with a minor in Narrative Filmmaking. I have been involved in film production for 4 years now and throughout this have run my own independent film production company, Wish Heart Productions. I am an aspiring director and am so very excited to grow and learn about all of you. Let’s create something amazing this year!

Social Media:

Instagram: indianastudentcinemaguild


Meeting Times:

Biweekly @ 8:30pm in RTV 251

Upcoming Projects:

Spring Short Film Production